Welcome to FIRE SHAPER formerly: Bikram Yoga

 For the latest information on Hot Yoga and the evolution of it’s practice please visit www.fireshaper.com.au  Stabilize your lifestyle to attain a healthy mind and physical strength with our evolved hot yoga styles such as Ignite, Flow, Lava, and Bikram Yoga. Practice this incredible style of Yoga and learn to control and heal your body and mind. Practicing Bikram yoga here at the studio of Fire Shaper Hot Yoga (formerly: Bikram Brisbane South) is an experience in itself.

 We are now offering a number of memberships and you can find them on our newest website www.fireshaper.com.au/salisbury

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Warm up  in the hot room with some Bikram Yoga.This Yoga is suitable for all ages, body types and gender; beginners and regular yoga practitioners are all welcome to practice yoga classes in Brisbane South. It compliments all sporting activity and thus, is a complete body workout from top to bottom inside and out. Fire Shapers (formerly: Bikram Yoga Brisbane south) staff  are highly qualified and are happy to greet any new members.